Hello again,

I have made the final decision to start blogging/writing a diary sort of. In other words, I have decided to add this web place to my list of commitments that I can’t look away from,thankfully, it does not have any competition lol.

A lot of times when I am alone and thinking, I can’t help but want to record all my thoughts, but at the same time am too regretful of all the thoughts that go unrecorded to begin writing. A problem I heard most perfectionists have. The end product? Nothing, absolutely 0 things. Is it better to half do things or not do them at all? I still can’t seem to have an answer that appeals to me. (or maybe the answer is to fully do something, but whatever).

Also, this place would be a great place to run to when I am more in touch with the emotions I hate (which is everything other than satisfaction), uhh basically when I’m on my period.

I’m not too sure on what I should talk about first. My life here? My family? My dreams? Disappointments? Sources of happiness? I don’t know.

After much thought, I have decided to talk about the person I want to become, and the changes I want to make in the world. Along with all these, I have decided to post my daily writings! Another commitment I will make for myself, solely.

Let’s see you later!

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i forgot this existed for 5 years!!!

but i’m glad i have it, i looked back at some of the weird stuff 5 years prior sarah wrote, and lord was i dramatic. the ones that were too unnecessarily dramatic for the public eye were trashed, and the ones that serve me a good reminder of the past and my ways remain. however embarrassing they might be.

now i really plan to update this thing, because as my free time increases i have more to write. i am far more sure of myself now, and more confident about what i think and believe in.  also i have so much to write these days, im dying to let it all out. weehee!!!!

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8: 21 pm 26/10/12

pls stop im scared

its eid tmr

pls pls pls

i knew it

i give up

just divorce ok? just divorce

the happy memories are nothing compared to the scary and sad ones

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and thats when i start writing a new story. to bury everything i know inside. and go back to being my happy-go-lucky, drama-hating self

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